The Blockhouse Story


When you are young, people can make a huge impact in your life.  Few people however, have the ability to make an impact like an amazing grandpa.  My grandfather was a true man – the type of guy who built his own home with his own mind and hands.  He was a committed husband, a gentle father, a loyal friend, had a sincere faith and was a damn hard worker.

As I spent summer nights at the house he built, I can remember watching him get ready for bed.  After his shower, he would stand in the mirror and draw a hot sink of water for a shave.  He would lather up, shave correctly, and finish with soothing lotion.  He would then open a drawer and grab a simple black comb and Brylcream to maneuver the hair just right.  After a light hair spray, he was ready for bed.

Looking back, I often wonder why he did it.  He made himself look great simply to fall asleep.  There is much to learn from days of old.  In this particular case, it was a sense of pride and consistency.  That generation of gentlemen wanted to look good.  They knew when you look good, you feel good.  When you feel good, you act good.  When you act good, you are good. 

Now, years later, we are starting to see a new generation care about their appearance.  With this spirit, we decided to start The Blockhouse in Nashville, TN.  It’s amazing what mental shift takes place when you take pride in your appearance.  You walk with more confidence.  We don’t just cut hair at the Blockhouse. We take pride in the opportunity to make men, both young and old, feel more like gentlemen.  We aim to be their refuge in the wilderness.

Comb with respect,


Matt Fine

Blockhouse Co-Founder